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Vitiligo is a long-term auto immune disorder where pale white patches develop on the skin due to the loss of pigment cells called melanocytes. The average age of onset of vitiligo is in the mid-twenties, but it can appear at any age. It tends to progress over time, with larger areas of the skin losing pigment. Some people with vitiligo also have patches of pigment loss affecting the hair on their scalp or body.

Vitiligo may run in families. You're more likely to get it when someone else in your family has it, too, or when people in your family get gray hair prematurely. It is more noticeable in people with dark skin. Vitiligo may result in psychological stress and those affected may be stigmatized.

The only sign of vitiligo is the presence of pale patchy areas of depigmented skin which tend to occur on the extremities. Some people may experience itching before a new patch occurs. The patches are initially small, but often grow and change shape. When skin lesions occur, they are most prominent on the face, hands and wrists. The loss of skin pigmentation is particularly noticeable around body orifices, such as the mouth, eyes, nostrils, genitalia and umbilicus. Some lesions have increased skin pigment around the edges.


Vitiligo is known in Ayurveda as shwitra which occurs due to excess pitta dosha in the body. It can occur due to the intake of wrong food combinations, stress or improper nutrition and hence proper care is required in terms of eating habits and change in everyday lifestyle.


Pitta in our body is of five types and the type of pitta that gives colour to skin is called bhrajaka pitta. In the case of Vitiligo, due to etiological factors, bhrajaka pitta gets imbalanced, leading to the formation of ama, which consequently impairs deeper body tissues such as rasa dhatu (nutrient from food), rakta (blood), mamsa (muscles) and lasika (lymph). This ultimately causes depigmentation of the skin.


The disease is deep rooted and its prognosis may not always be encouraging particularly the ones that has crossed one year since incidence. Hence, it needs specific treatment that includes purificatory therapies, appropriate diet and specialized herbal combinations to pacify pitta and cleanse ama (biotoxins) from the body, thereby treating the white spots and white skin.

Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital provides you all these fully customized according to your body constitution which makes it much faster in healing. We also provide lifestyle modifications and mental support which is has a very essential role in improving the quality of life and leading you through this difficult journey.