Uthara Vasti

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Uthara Vasti

It is a special treatment modality in Ayurveda where medicated decoction or medicated oil/ghee is administered through vaginal or urethral route in females and through urethral route in males. This comes under local treatment modalities specific to gynaecological diseases in females and diseases of genito-urinary system in males. The procedure is termed uthara vasthi as it is administered through the uthara marga ie,either the urethra or vagina.it has superior qualities than other vasthi karmas and hence considered as uthara vasthi.it is usually administered after doing niruha vasthi,ie vasthi with medicated decoction and hence called uthara vasthi.


  • 1. Infertility.
  • 2. PCOS.
  • 3. Endometriosis.
  • 4. Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • 5. Dysmenorrhoea.
  • 6. Menorrhagia.
  • 7. Oligomenorrhoea.
  • 8. Anovulation/oligoovulation.
  • 9. In menopausal symptoms.
Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital Best Ayurveda Hospital in Kottayam Kerala
Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital Best Ayurveda Hospital in Kottayam Kerala

Mode Of Action

The advantage of uthara vasthi is that it avoids gastro-intestinal absorption and the first-pass liver effect and so has advantages over oral medicines.Absorption from the gastrointestinal tract can be unpredictable and may be compromised by vomiting, drug-drug interference, or decreased intestinal absorption capacity. The gastrointestinal lumen and the liver are sites of elimination for many compounds, and avoidance of the first-pass effect is particularly advantageous for compounds that undergo a high degree of hepatic metabolism.

Intravaginal uthara vasthi: The vagina provides an ideal site for absorption of medicines as the stratified squamous epithelium is not cornified, permitting easier penetration to the underlying lamina propria, made of collagen and elastin, which is richly vascularized.

Intrauterine uthara vasthi: The right time for uthara vasthi is rithu kala,ie the first half of menstrual cycle before ovation which is the proliferative phase of menstrual cycle. In this phase the blood vessel stumps are broken and new arterioles are growing from the old stumps. The glands are also broken and so the drug administered is easily absorbed through them.