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Hives or urticaria are a red, raised, itchy skin rash that appear in varying shapes and sizes, each one characteristically lasts no longer than 6 to 12 hours and is mostly triggered by an allergen. It is marked by transient appearance of smooth, slightly elevated patches (wheals) that are errythematous and that are often limited to one part of the body or spread across large areas of the body.

When an allergic reaction occurs, the body releases a protein called histamine. When histamine is released, the tiny blood vessels known as capillaries leak fluid. This fluid accumulates in the skin and causes a rash. It affects around 20 percent of people at some time in their life and is not contagious. Urticaria can be caused by allergies to food, insect stings, medications, temperature changes, dust, pollen or infections.

Symptoms of urticaria include:

  • Patches of red or skin-coloured welts (wheals), which can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Itching, which may be severe.
  • Pricking sensation.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • lethargy.
  • Head ache.
  • Red and swollen tonsils.
  • Painful swelling (angioedema) of the lips, eyelids and inside the throat (in some cases).
  • Although the rash may persist for weeks, individual lesions usually disappear within a day, and often last only a matter of hours. But in some cases, hives can last for several days. People with chronic hives can have warning signs for months or years.


    In ancient Ayurvedic classics, urticaria is described as sheetapitta where vata and kapha are aggravated which in turn vitiates pitta dosha causing urticarial with observable redness and dermographism .


    According to Ayurveda, aggravation of kapha and vata occurs when people come in contact with cold air. It also causes aggravation of pitta dosha which spread into rakta dhatu and vitiates rakta dhatu. Further, they spread all over the body and lodges in the external surface of the body, causing urticarial rashes.


    Ayurveda has an upper hand in treating hives, as it offers a comprehensive and permanent solution for this problem. Ayurveda works on the reactive action of human body, decreasing its toxic load and re-modulating the immune system providing excellence of epithelium both external and internal.

    At Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital, we approach hives by means of blood purification and total detoxification along with purificatory panchakarma therapies that helps to clear all the channels of the body. Our treatment modalities for hives are unique and are formulated by the physician as per the multifactorial etiology of hives and the main emphasis lies in modulating the immune system by every means. We also provide personalised ayurvedic diet and lifestyle modifications to prevent further recurrence of the disease as well.