Allergic Rhinitis

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A condition characterised by an exaggerated immune system in response to allergens (mainly pollens) that results in inflammation of nasal mucosa leading to stuffy nose, sneezing, redness and itching of eyes, throat and ears.

Also known as hay fever, may also present with other symptoms such as headache, fatigue and itchy skin resulting in disturbed sleep and social life causing mental stress and cognitive dysfunction.


AR (pratishyaya) can occur due to following causes :

  • Intake of foods having antagonistic properties.
  • Excessive indulgence to cold climates.
  • Reduced digestive power.
  • Exposure to pollens and dust.
  • Excess intake of sweet, heavy and cold foods.
  • Intake of certain medications like aspirin.
  • All these causes could lead to disturbance in metabolism and production of toxins in body.


Allergic rhinitis from ayurvedic perspective is caused due to the accumulation of toxins (ama) in the body and low immunity. The accumulated toxins disturbs the equilibrium of tridoshas (basic elements of body) giving rise to hypersensitivity and allergic symptoms.


Treatment aspects mainly aim at correction of metabolism, clearing the sinus, elimination of toxins and balancing the equilibrium of doshas, thereby treating the root cause of the disease.

We Kooplicat Ayurveda hospital team helps you to achieve this through customised treatments, internal medications and strict ayurvedic diet that are decided based on the body constitution of each individual. We also help you to incorporate certain habits and regimen that will help to to prevent the recurrence of the disease in future.