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Buerger's disease (TAO) is a rare but recurring progressive inflammation and thrombosis of arteries and veins of hands and feet. In most cases, it affects chronic cigarette smokers who are young or middle aged.

It is characterized by narrowing or blockage (occlusion) of the veins and arteries of the extremities, resulting in reduced blood flow to these areas (peripheral vascular disease). The legs are affected more often than the arms.

In most cases, the first symptom is extreme pain of the lower arms and legs while at rest. Affected individuals may also experience cramping in the legs when they walk that, in rare cases, may cause limping (claudication). Due to impaired circulation the person will be sensitive to cold and also colour of extremities might change to cyanotic blue or reddish blue and skin might become shiny. In severe cases, individuals with Buerger's disease may exhibit tissue death (gangrene) of affected limbs.


The exact cause of TAO is not known; however, most affected individuals are heavy tobacco users.

In some cases, trauma to hands and feet contributes to the disorder. Genetics also has a role in development and severity of the disease.


Buerger's disease is considered as one of the raktha pradoshaja vikara where vata (basic element of body) and rakta (tissue element) are involved. This occurs due to factors that vitiate vata and rakta such as:

  • Consumption of incompatible foods.
  • Improper lifestyle.
  • Excess salty, sour, heavy and uncooked foods.
  • Day sleeping and inadequate sleep at night.
  • Anger and excess hot foods.
  • Excess consumption of curd.
  • Standing for long time.


Based on the pathogenesis, sign and symptoms, Ayurveda correlated this to be a type of vatarakta. Due to causes and triggering factors, vata located in periphery aggravates and causes obstruction to the channels instantaneously leading to vitiation of rakta. This is then followed by destruction of muscle tissue and pain.


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