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An inflammatory skin condition where the hair follicles of skin gets plugged with oil and dead cells resulting in breakouts on face, forehead, neck, shoulders and back.

Acne is more common in teenagers although it affects all age groups. Studies show that it affects 3 in every 4 people aged 11 to 30 years.

Social withdrawal is the main issue caused from this which, in teenagers is reflected in their academic performances due to unwillingness to attend classes and face other students, while the working groups may tend to take sick leaves risking their future.


According to ayurveda, acne (youvana pidaka) is not only a skin related problem but also a disturbance in the internal metabolism which can arise due to several causes such as :

  • Food habits : oily or fried and spicy foods or canned and junk foods.
  • Environment : Hot and humid climates or exposure to dust and dirt.
  • Hormonal Imbalance : which results in conditions such as PCOS.
  • Chemical exposure : overuse of cosmetics or especially oil based ones could be harmful.
  • Squeezing small pimples : could also lead to easy spreading.


According to ayurveda, these causative factors causes imbalance in kapha and vata dosha(basic elements of our body) leading to indigestion(Agnimandya) resulting in the formation of toxins, vitiation of blood (rakta dushti ) and sebaceous glands of the skin(medho dhathu) making hair roots thin, thus producing acne.


Ayurveda aims at treating the cause of the disease by elimination and prevention rather than just going for the symptoms. Ayurveda eliminates these problems by detoxifying blood and body, and cleansing from the inside out. Ayurvedic treatments and skin remedies such as external applications helps to destroy the bacteria by inducing oxygenation along with internal medications and thus can restore a clear and beautiful complexion.

At Kooplicat Ayurveda Hospital, we carefully analyse the patient and provide the best suitable treatment for the individual instead of treating the disease as the cause always differ from person to person while the presentations may remain similar. We also provide guidelines to arrange a better lifestyle inorder to prevent further issues in future and to promote a healthy life.